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Oferta szkoły letniej we Frankfurcie

Oferta szkoły letniej we Frankfurcie

Frankfurt Summer School is a 2 or 4 week program. Coming August we will offer 20 different academic modules with a wide range of topics like Return on Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Gender Studies, Law in a Globalized World, Social Science Research Methods, Quantum Mechanics or the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence.


As additional options, students can participate in German language classes.


For cultural immersion we offer excursions within Frankfurt and to Heidelberg as well as weekend trips to Berlin and Amsterdam.


Frankfurt Summer School will be conducted in a digital version in case there would be sustained travel restrictions due to the Covid-Pandemic.


During past iterations, participants came from 30 countries in the world, so students get to experience a very international and diverse environment.


Attached you can find further details about the program and an overview of all modules for 2021. Please also visit our website at http://summerschool.uni-frankfurt.de/ for more information. We will open our application platform by the middle of January, the deadline for applying is April 30, 2021.

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