Accessing and exchanging biological materials are subject to many global and national regulations, including the Cartagena Protocol, the Convention on Biodiversity, the Nagoya Protocol, and the International Treaty of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA), to name a few.

At the KPD, accepting new strains or plasmids or for the deposit, their preservation and further distribution to other researchers are formalized by means of standard forms.

These documents are necessary so that KPD collection can fully sustain its mission to facilitate the legitimate exchange of research material and provide access to high-quality biological resources:

  • in compliance with international and national laws and regulations on access and benefit sharing,
  • in accordance with protecting intellectual property (IP) rights
  • ensuring biosafety and biosecurity
  • following good scientific practice

What do you want to do?

Necessary documents

Form name

Deposit biological material in the public collection

Deposit a new bacterial/ archeal strain in the public collection KPD Accession Form with Material Deposit Agreement (MDA) Accession Form for Bacteria and Archaea (09/13)
Deposit a new plasmid/ vector in the public collection KPD Accession Form with Material Deposit Agreement (MDA)  

Order biological material from the Collection

Order a strain/ plasmid for non-commercial purposes KPD Order Form with Standard Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA) Order Form for Biological Material (11/15) 
Order a strain/ plasmid for commercial purposes KPD Order Form with Material Transfer Agreement for commercial purposes Contact us

Deposit under the Budapest Treaty

to be added once KPD acquires IDA Status


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