Depositing material in the public collection

New accessions

1. The scope of KPD includes

  • Naturally occurring bacteria and archaea
  • laboratory strains, mutant strains
  • bacteriophages
  • natural plasmids, plasmid vectors


2. KPD accepts biological material which can be handled under containment level 1 and 2.  (Risk Groups as defined by the European Parliament Directive 2000/54/EC on the protection of workers from risks related to exposure to biological agents at work. OJ No. L262, pp. 21-45 of 18.09.2000. )

3. All new accessions must be accompanied by appropriate documentation and comply with the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Nagoya Protocol. This includes KPD ACCESSION FORM and any other documents linked to the deposited material.

4.  Biological material deposited in KPD in the open collection (as public deposit) will be made available to other researchers both from profit and non-profit institutions. The information about the deposit and its description is published in KPD’s online catalogue.

All material is transferred by KPD to the third party under the Standard Material Transferred Agreement (SMTA) and any other conditions under which the material was originally acquired.  

5. Depositing biological material in public collection is free of charge.

6. Before sending us as material for preservation, please contact the curator (staff) in regard to technical capability of KPD to preserve and maintain the material and send completed ACCESSION FORM (attached below).


KPD makes every effort to ensure the highest possible quality of deposited biological material, which undergoes quality control for viability, purity and authenticity and the accuracy of data supplied.

The traceability of the whole process of depositing, cultivation/ replication, preservation, and distribution of the biological material is entirely followed and documented.


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