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KPD actively engages the wider community through public lectures and hands-on experiments, and laboratory demonstrations. We offer

Popular science events

We participate in many annual popular science events like

  • European Researchers' Night,


  • European Antibiotic Awareness Day & WHO World Antibiotic Awareness Week

EDWA_logoWHO_Future of Antibiotics





  • Baltic Science Festival
  • Biologists’ Night.


Microbial workshops for teachers / schools

We offer a range of free outreach activities for schools at all levels. During our workshops, pupils have the opportunity to learn about microorganisms in a way that supports their current level of study. If you want to share our passion for science, and microbiology in particular,  please, check the KPD NEWS section for upcoming events or contact us directly.

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Since the very beginning, KPD has been networking with the scientific community within the country and abroad.

KPD was instrumental in placing microbial culture collections on the Polish Roadmap of Research Infrastructures, defining undertakings of strategic importance to the development of Polish science and its competitiveness, published by The Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education in 2014. This success was followed by three consecutive investment grants from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education for purchasing capital equipment. The government funding enabled KPD to develop state-of-the-art research infrastructure and create an open and collaborative environment for conducting excellent research. The cutting-edge technology implemented at KPD is used by several research teams in studies supported by the Polish National Science Centre and going beyond the areas of microbiology.

KPD has also been involved in activities to establish the European Consortium of Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure (MIRRI-ERIC), of which Poland is a prospective member. The collection curator has been a member of the Forum of Interim National Coordinators of MIRRI.  

KPD is active at a local level in the Pomerania region; it joined a partnership for regional smart specialisation “Long Healthy Life – Innovations in the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of civilization diseases and ageing society”.  


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KPD’s staff participated in several international research projects on exploiting the biotechnological potential of bioresources from extreme or marine environments, funded under the European Union 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, Horizon 2020, under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, or cooperation activities under the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.

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