KPD is headed by the collection curator with a doctoral degree with extensive professional experience in molecular biology and microbiology and international collaboration.

The collection curator acquired knowledge and practical skills in the methodology and principles of preservation of biological material and management of biological resource centres and core facilities through training organised by recognised European microbial collections like CABI and BCCM-LMG, The Pasteur Institute. 

The collection curator has been a member of the Forum of Interim National Coordinators of Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure (MIRRI).

All administrative tasks pertaining to the KPD are performed by an administration specialist working in the collection. 


Anna-Karina Kaczorowska, Ph.D., Collection Curator

Tel. +48 523 60 70

vacant position, specialist in molecular biology

Tel. +48 58 523 60 99

Ewa Niemczyk, M.Sc., administration specialist 

Tel. +48 58 523 61 74

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